Welcome to [DOOM] Devils Order Of Mercenaries for Vendetta Online!. Are guild consists of being pirates, defending in border patrol and trading.

    General discussions..


    The zogg

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    General discussions..

    Post by The zogg on Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:52 pm

    I'd like to begin this entire post by simply stating that I think Doom has moved very fast as a guild in a short period of time due to some of our more efficient combat pilots...
    Just to name a few....
    Shaggy 2dope
    Yokag the nomad
    Arta miner
    Fanta and tango
    Vulff 420
    Bokasha ferrandis
    Wojan bash
    Congratulations to you all...
    And keep up the good work...
    We are doing big damage to the ego of a lot of our enemies...
    Plus we are growing in numbers and strength...
    Until we all are filthy rich and own the world.....
    hAIL DOOM!!!!!


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    Re: General discussions..

    Post by Admin on Fri Dec 30, 2016 1:13 pm

    We need to start recruiting more members, but still keep strict on who is let in. We need the numbers to reach atleast 30 in my book. Don't forget to make donations to the guild bank of 10k or more. If you need to make a withdrawal, PM the reason for needing it and we will discuss the amount needed, the amount of payments made back and how long until it would be fully paid. I am not giving access to the guild bank to members at this time, given that since we are still fairly new, we have members going in and out of the guild and I do not wish to have our money looted like Jimmytuesday did to his own guild.

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